Lahore Polo Club is one of the oldest clubs in the world. The game of polo has been regularly played in the city for over a millennium by Emperors, Kings, Rulers, Princes as well as commoners. The main ground at the club is called the "Aibak Ground" in remembrance to the 13th century King of Delhi, Sultan Qutabuddin Aibak who died in 1210 when his horse fell while playing polo in Lahore. He is buried near the present Anarkali bazaar not far from the Lahore Fort. The Mughals, in particular, were very fond of the game. Emperor Babar, who founded the Mughal Empire in India in the 16th Century, played polo, so did his grandson Akbar the Great, who enjoyed playing this game, sometimes by torchlight.

H.E. Abdullah Gül, President of Turkey during his visit to the Lahore Polo Club on 1st April 2010
Nur Jehan, the wife of Emperor Jehangir was a polo player as well. Both of them are buried outside the city of Lahore.

The club has produced a number of internationally recognized players like the two brothers, Brig. "Hesky" Baig and Col. "Sikku" Baig, Brig. Sardar Hissam el Effendi, Gen. Yousuf, Maj. Gen. Sherali Khan Pataudi, Maj. Gen. Jehanzeb, Brig. Gul Mawaz Khan and Brig. "Gussy" Haider. Their sons and grandsons are still playing at the club. The two brothers Podger (8) and Vicky (8) El Effendi, the highest handicapped players of Pakistan (presently in USA), were the scions of the club.

Mr. Irfan Ali Hyder, President Lahore Polo Club presenting souvenir to H.E. Abdullah Gül and Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister Punjab.

Some of the dignitaries that have visited (and a few have played) Lahore Polo Club include the Shah of Iran, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillips, Prince Hassan Bin Talal of Jordan, the King and Queen of Malaysia, Sheikh Zaid Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the President of UAE, the President of Turkey, the President of Djibouti, the Governor General of Australia, to name a few.
Lady players are encouraged to play at the Lahore Polo Club since a number of years. During the winter season (2000 - 2001) a team of four visiting ladies played a well attended exhibition match at the club.

Cavalcade lead by students during Horse & Cattle Show on 1st April 2010.

We also have a number of foreign teams visiting us every year to either participate in tournaments or play in Exhibition games. In the past the club has played host to teams from USA, Argentina, England, France, Australia, Iran, Jordan, India, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Egypt, Malaysia and Nigeria. In addition there are a number of other foreign guests who regularly play polo at the club, while some foreign players are sponsored by local clubs.

Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani, Prime Minister of Pakistan inaugurating the Final of Bank Alfalah National Polo Championship for the Quaid-e-Azam Gold Cup 2010 on 7th March 2010.


Visitors are welcomed to watch polo matches during the season and admittance to these games are free of charge.

The season begins in the middle of October and ends around the middle of May. The tournaments range from low goals (0 - 4) to 18 goal tournaments, which are played around Feb. - March. A number of foreign players feature in these events regularly.


Spectators watching the final of Bank Alfalah National Polo Championship for the Quaid-e-Azam Gold Cup on 7th March 2010.

Winning team:- Colony Sugar
Tournament:- Bank Alfalah National Polo Championship for the Quaid-e-Azam Gold Cup 2010
Chief Guest:- Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani, Prime Minister of Pakistan
Left to Right:- Saqib Khan Khakwani, Fernando Quinto Bourdieu, Rana Muhammad Iqbal, Speaker Punjab Assembly, Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Maj. Gen. Isfandiyar Ali Khan Pataudi, Chairman Pakistan Polo Association, Atif Yar Tiwana, Naveed M Sheikh, Raja Amer Khan, Member Executive Committee & Mr. Irfan Ali Hyder, President Lahore Polo Club.

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