Draws 2008-2009

Punjab Police Polo Cup 18th to 22nd Mar 2009
A & A Pakistan Polo Cup 10th to 15th Mar 2009
A & A Low Goal Polo Cup 9th to 14th Mar 2009

Bank Alfalah National Polo Championship for the
Quid-e-Azam Gold Cup 24th Feb to 8th Mar 2009

 Punjab Cup Polo Tournament 17th to 22nd Feb 2009
 D G Rangers Polo Tournament 9th to 14th Feb 2009
 Aibak Polo Tournament 10th to 13th Feb2009

 Wateen Polo Cup 29th Jan to 1st Feb 2009
 New Year Polo Cup 5th to 11th Jan 2009
 Lahore 8 Goals Polo Cup 30th Dec 2008 to 4th Jan 2009
 Minute Maid Polo Cup 25th to 28th Dec 2008
 Flying Tissues Polo Cup 2nd to 7th Dec 2008
 Members Polo Club 25th to 30th Nov 2008
 Lahore Polo Club Tournament 18th to 23rd Nov 2008
 Rose Petal Polo Cup 11th to 16th Nov 2008
 Rose Petal Polo Cup 4th to 9th Nov 2008
 World Call Polo Championship 28th Oct to 2nd Nov 2008
 World Call Polo Championship 22nd to 26th Oct 2008

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